Our perfume has different birth dates, meaning we mix and infuse vibrational formula in limited amounts to each newly released set by selecting timing. We follow our intuition and celestial movements; that’s why every set expressed in serial numbers has a unique astrological identity and cosmic symbolism. Each set with particular themes and energies is authentic, and it is impossible to repeat it. At the moment, we can present you the first two sets on two dates of our perfume births.
NO.2 18 July 2021

The Rho Ophiuchi cloud complex is known as the star formation region in the constellation of Serpent Bearer.

NASA, image created 31 March 2011 with Wide-field Infrared Explorer

The bright pink dots are young stellar objects; these baby stars are just now forming. Some of the oldest stars in the Milky Way Galaxy in this image may be seen in groups of blue stars.

Our second O3 birth and mixing (preparation) of the scent is marked by an ultimate marriage (Conjunct) of Love (Venus) and Power (Mars). Here we are called to act and create a long-term relationship experiencing and opening ourselves to passionate love and joy (Leo). In this creative union (interchange) it’s possible to transform (8th house) both – masculine and feminine – sides. The relation is blessed (Selena) when realized its orientation to the higher tasks (Capricorn) of a soul. We still learn and teach each other to trust natural laws, eternal truths (Sagittarius) and communication (Gemini) wholeheartedly when our soul, mind, emotions and bodies touch each other and psyches connect in a mutual field.
Sabik – or Eta Ophiuchi – a giant blue star at the rising Sun here, marks perfume’s birth with a leading theme of healing (ASC conjunct Sabic). This is the second brightest star in the Serpent Bearer’s constellation which is associated with Asclepius, who was known for bringing people back to life from death with his healing powers. He learned this from seeing how one serpent heals another serpent by bringing her herbs. Zeus struck the healer down with a bolt of lightning because he was worried that a human race would become immortal given help from Asclepius. Later he places Asclepius’ image in the sky to honor his gifts.
Serpents in our dreams and psychotherapy process lead (guide) us to a phase of transformation and regeneration; the questions of whether snakes are attacking or neutral, whether we fear them or feel empowered by them. How do we accept the most needed change? The same as Asclepius in ancient Greece by his touch could heal any wound, Serpent symbolizes the deepest healing process in the scent of O3 by bringing (inviting us to) a heightened awareness and wisdom in the relational field (space). 
NO.1 24 Oct 2020 

Celestial marriage of Venus and Mars in Leo

Our first birth of O3 is guided by the Celestial invitation of a mutable Grand Cross (Venus, Neptune, Rahu, Ketu), and it leads the way towards our future. 
According to Deva Green, the archetype of mutability means there is an inherent ability to adapt to change. The Grand Cross, she notes, reflects the process of aligning with information (Gemini) that is founded in natural laws and truth (Sagittarius), and adjustment (Virgo) of outdated viewpoints and opinions that are not based on universal, timeless principles (Pisces).
The first scent marks here the essential theme of relationships – to acknowledge one’s own needs for the possibility to be ready to see and fully accept the other. Without a core sense of self, there is a threat to lose oneself in family life, domestic tasks, and horizontal energy circulation, especially for such natural givers (like Virgos) who sacrifice themselves to other needs. There could be lots of silent expectations and reproaches to others (Virgo, again) longing to be seen, fulfilled and accepted. Deepest (in 12th house) unconscious need (Moon signs) for freedom as well as a hidden desire for individual expression (in Aquarius) confronts with the need for security (Venus in 4th house), but there is also a help with raw energy impulses (Mars) to explore, initiate and cross any restrictions when needed (in Aries).
We follow the moves of Venus and Neptune – two archetypal planets that teach us about love. They both stand on a mutual Grand Cross between past and future (Rahu, Ketu), elaborating the theme of learning through each other (Sagittarius/Mercury), being master (teacher) and student at the same time. There is a necessity to name and describe things, to get wording in communicating (Mercury) and to share your authentic thoughts and feelings. Emotions are no longer blind, they are integrated (seen and understood) and balanced by a rational mind and the ability to give space for others (Moon in Aquarius).
The scent calls us here to transcend Common Love (Venus) to Celestial Love (Neptune), to seek higher notes of unconditional love and to no longer live in the illusion of being separate. To do this, one needs to transform jealousy and possessiveness (Taurus) fully with Selena, blessing all the deepest relational wounds and secrets (in Scorpio) and embracing universal laws and timeless truths of Creation (Pisces).
The package of the perfume takes you on an exciting journey through a wide variety of textures. This external container for the precious scent becomes a symbol that embodies the ability to achieve mastery and gain any required skill to materialize it from an authentic inner vision. For the vision to be complete, we needed a team of close friends and beloved ones to co-work together by sharing ideas, time, and skillful hands to create this final quality.
A cap for the bottle is decorated with natural pyrite or emerald beads, first threaded into a tiny bracelet. It is a thorough hand-made quality.
A natural silk velvet fabric pouch was carefully chosen to complement the O3 perfume. Its high quality and tender, soft-touch guard the bottle against scratches and unforeseen accidents. It rests in this small bag like in a cloud. We highly recommend keeping your perfume in a velvet pouch for protection and extra care.
We created an oak box and engraved an O3 mandala there – an ancient form of a Goddess in the bird and snake images – something finally combining both masculine and feminine, when roots penetrating the depths and wings reaching the sky. Oak in Lithuanian mythology is the most substantial and sacred tree representing longevity and the strength of a soul.