NO.2 18 July 2021

50.00 998.00 

Our second O3 birth and mixing (preparation) of the scent is marked by an ultimate marriage (Conjunct) of Love (Venus) and Power (Mars). Here we are called to act and create a long-term relationship experiencing and opening ourselves to passionate love and joy (Leo). In this creative union (interchange) it’s possible to transform (8th house) both – masculine and feminine – sides. The relation is blessed (Selena) when realized its orientation to the higher tasks (Capricorn) of a soul. We still learn and teach each other to trust natural laws, eternal truths (Sagittarius) and communication (Gemini) wholeheartedly when our soul, mind, emotions and bodies touch each other and psyches connect in a mutual field.

Sabik – or Eta Ophiuchi – a giant blue star at the rising Sun here, marks perfume’s birth with a leading theme of healing (ASC conjunct Sabic). This is the second brightest star in the Serpent Bearer’s constellation which is associated with Asclepius, who was known for bringing people back to life from death with his healing powers. He learned this from seeing how one serpent heals another serpent by bringing her herbs. Zeus struck the healer down with a bolt of lightning because he was worried that a human race would become immortal given help from Asclepius. Later he places Asclepius’ image in the sky to honor his gifts.

Serpents in our dreams and psychotherapy process lead (guide) us to a phase of transformation and regeneration; the questions of whether snakes are attacking or neutral, whether we fear them or feel empowered by them. How do we accept the most needed change? The same as Asclepius in ancient Greece by his touch could heal any wound, Serpent symbolizes the deepest healing process in the scent of O3 by bringing (inviting us to) a heightened awareness and wisdom in the relational field (space).