Orphic Egg
Jacob Bryant’s Orphic Egg (1774) with Ananke
Phanes Hermaphroditic God Being
Phanes hermaphroditic god being. Aion – Chronos – Phanes – Eros (born from a cosmic egg)
inside a zodiac Roman relief [Second quarter of second century AD] Modena, Galleria Estense
“Here we have two motifs: “an egg from the whirlwind”, that is, an egg born from wind, and a prominent role of “Night”. It must be noted that “Erebos” or the Darkness is also emphasized in Aristophanes’ Birds. A “wind egg” is generally known to be un unfertilized egg. […] Finally, the “bright demiurge” who springs from this “egg from the whirlwind”, is identified as “Eros”. … Atheragoras latter calls this God Protogonus (First-born) and Phanes. Phanes is the illuminator of all things and also is “the bearer of the illustrious seed of the gods”.
Ratna Chatterjee, The myth of the Cosmic Egg in Indic and Orphic Traditions and its Reception in the Latin West (A Thesis, 2011)

Who was Eros?

“He hatched out of the world egg and set the universe in motion. Driven by the desire to see the light of the world, he tears open the egg and becomes the God who scatters the harmony of the world, who emerges from darkness into light, a symbol of our strongest drive to become conscious.”

“Eros-Phanes, the primeval god of procreation, the generator of life, appears as a cosmogonic elemental force, as the creative power that destroys the harmony of the universe, but also the creative energy that binds together the fragmented parts and makes whole again the broken world.”
 “Eros is also a dangerous God, chaotic, chtonic, with no regard for boundaries. We suffer when Eros reveals his origin in Chaos. 
We experience him as an overwhelming psychic force, powerful, dangerous and unsettling. Eros attracts us and threatens our sense of stability, of law and order. He takes us out of our mind, and when we are hit by his darts we are confronted with our shadow, with jealousy, envy, hatred, with the darkest of our passions.”
“Eros is about the creative union of opposites within the psyche…
…is libidinal energy and sacred creativity, a desire for wholeness, a deeply human urge to connect and reach beyond oneself. But Eros is also an intrapsychic mediator, a connection between the two souls living in my breast that helps me to access my innermost center. As a relational force, it works in two directions, towards self and away from self, deepening our capacity to relate and to make connections when we are attracted to something or someone. Eros binds together and created oneness out of the many.”
“Broken wings of Eros refer to splitting, alienation, and estrangement from self and the world, from thinking, feeling, bodily and spiritual rootedness. […] Broken wings may be experienced as loss of soul, emptiness, a psychic desert, an attitude that leads into objectification and realization.”
“When Eros’s wings are broken, no coherent sense of self can develop, and no personal meaning-making myth can unfold. Where Eros is betrayed or absent, the dark face of Eros, the lust for power creeps in and anxiety and fear reign, preventing the love cure from working. With Eros undeveloped, we tend to become sentimental, giving in to undifferentiated feeling. Wounded Eros can be seen in the supremacy of Logos and the devaluation of the feminine spirit.”
“To be known can ultimately be understood as an experience of wholeness, an awakening of creativity and imagination, a homecoming, bringing forth “The Hidden Treasure”.”
Ursula Wirtz, Yearning to be Known: Individuation and the broken Wings of Eros. In Intimacy, Venturing the Uncertainties of the Heart, 2008
The Birth of Venus. Sandro Botticelli, The Birth of Venus (c. 1484–1486). Tempera on canvas.
172.5 cm × 278.9 cm (67.9 in × 109.6 in). Uffizi, Florence
“It is unfortunately true that when you are a wife and mother you can hardly be the hetaira too, just as it is the secret suffering of the hetaira that she is not a mother. There are woman who are not meant to bear physical children, but they are those that give rebirth to a man in a spiritual sense, which is a highly important function.”
C.G.Jung Letters Vol.2, 12 June, 1958
“My invitation means that you should come up to the level of such understanding, whose vehicle is love and not the mind. This love is not transference and it is no ordinary friendship or sympathy. It is more primitive, more primeval and more spiritual, than anything we can describe. That upper floor is no more you or I, it means many, including yourself and anybody whose heart you touch. There is no distance, but immediate presence. It is an eternal secret – how shall I ever explain it?
C.G.Jung Letters Vol.1, 18 April, 1941
 “…there’s no god who looks out for mankind’s interests more than Love. He supports us and heals precisely those ills whose alleviation constitutes the deepest human happiness.”
“The starting-point is for you to understand human nature and what has happened to it. You see, our nature wasn’t originally the same as it is now; it has changed.
Plato, Symposium, Aristophanes speech
Firstly, there used to be three human genders… male, female… also, a third, which was a combination of both the other two… there was a distinct type of androgynous person.
Secondly, each person’s shape was complete: they were round, with their backs and sides forming a circle. They had four hands and the same number of legs, and two absolutely identical faces on a cylindrical neck.”
“…the original parent of the male gender was the Sun, while that of the female gender was the Earth and that of the combined gender was the Moon, because the Moon too is a combination of the Sun and the Earth.”
“Their strength and power were terrifying, and they were also highly ambitious. They even had a go at the gods. […] Zeus said: “I think I can see a way for the human race to exist, but to be weakened enough to start behaving with some moderation. What I am going to do is split every single one of them into two halves; then they’ll be weaker, and at the same time there’ll be more in it for us because there’ll be more of them… […]
Love draws our original mature back together; he tries to reintegrate us and heal the split in our nature.”
Aristophones speech
Pausonia speech
“ There are polarities and vast gulfs between the different realms within our being. It is the task of alchemical transmutation to unite these facets in a new harmony, into a perfect state of being were Body, Soul and Spirit mutually interpenetrate and work together. Man’s Soul is thus a bridging element between the outer realm of the physical body and the spiritual world. This bridge must be built out of integrating the primal polarities of the soul, so that it becomes both the vehicle or vessel for the spirit and the master and moulder of the physical realm.”
Adam McLean, Rosary of the Philosophers, 1980 (A Commentary on the Rosarium philosophorum)
“Only he who himself turns to the other human being and opens himself to him receives the world in him. Only the being whose otherness, accepted by my being, lives and faces me in the whole compression of existence, brings the radiance of eternity to me.”
Martin Buber, Between Man and Man, 1947

Twin Flame Blue Smoke Lemurian Crystal Quartz, Santander region of Colombia. Personal collection.

A twinflame is a mutually supportive, interdependent, unconditionally loving and accepting relationship between two souls with a deep connection but no karma to work on, no unfinished business to complete, and no hidden agendas. They are two individuals who come together to make a third entity: a relationship. They do not complete each other, they complement each other. They do not demand, they willingly share. They mutually respect and honour each other in their wholeness and uniqueness and they do not try to change each other although they may facilitate each other’s growth. The relationship works, it does not have to be worked at. […] They come together out of pure love and for no other reason…”
“The key may be if you have to carve off great portions of your soul in order to fit in to a relationship, if you suppress who you are or make compromises and adjustments that force you, consciously or unconsciously, to lose sigh of who you are, then you are with a soulmate no matter how much you may yearn for a twinflame relationship and labour under the delusion that you are experiencing one. […] Kind of soulmate is a projection of our deepest desires, fantasies and expectations – our dream lover incarnate in flesh. This is, of course, a deeply unconscious process divorced from the everyday mind.”
“If we lived in isolation would we ever come to know our self fully? This seems to be a task for our soulmate: bringing to us face to face with all the issues that need our attention, all our karmic lessons and ingrained patterns, all those unrecongnised and unloved aspects of our self that we have been avoiding for so long and all our undiscovered potential, offering us the opportunity to love ourselves unconditionally and totally – not a selfish action but a self-enhancing process. And also potentially bringing to us the love we seek.”
Hudy Hall, The Soulmate Myth, 2010
“Love alone is useless if it does not also have understanding. And for the proper use of understanding a wider consciousness is needed, and a higher standpoint to enlarge one’s horizon. […] The blinder love is, the more it is instinctual, and the more it is attended by destructive consequences, for it is a dynamism that needs form and direction.”
C.G.Jung, Alchemical Studies, 1967, 391par; 357par.
“Psychologically, it is impossible to say what Eros actually is, for it is an archetypal force that goes far beyond our power to comprehend it intellectually. […] Only when projections are taken back does relationship – as opposed to archaic identity – become possible.”
Marie – Louise Von Franz, Archetypal dimensions of the psyche, 1999
“No matter what the ideas refer to, they are always organized by the same psychic laws that is, by the archetype… […] The common archetype in this case is the number three.”
C.G.Jung, Alchemical Studies, 1967, 357 par.
Unicorn Stag Forest, Alchemistisches Lehrgedicht. Lambspring, Jojannes [S.I.], 1556 Zentralbibliothek Zurich 
“A deer and unicorn are hidden in the forest.” The forest is the body, the unicorn the spirit
(Sulphur, male) , the deer is the soul (Mercury, female). “Blessed can we call the man who artfully
can capture and tame them “
Lambsrinck, De Lapide philosophico, Frankfurt, 1625
“Whether these ideas (trinitarian and unitarian) were handed down to posterity as a result of migration and tradition or whether they arose spontaneously in each case is a question of little importance. The important thing is that they occurred because, once having sprung forth from the unconscious of the human race, they could rearise anywhere at the time.”
“…archetypal ideas are part of indestructible foundations of human mind. However, long they are forgotten and buried, always they return, sometimes in the strangest guise, with a personal twist to them or intellectually distorted,[…], but continually reproducing themselves in new forms representing the timeless truths that are innate in man’s nature.”
C.G.Jung, Psychology and Religion, 1958, 194-195par. (A Psychological Approach to the Trinity)
Natural triangular (upwards and downwards) etchings on the quartz crystal surface, considered metaphysical origin (on the faces of the termination)
Called Record Keeper, they represent the Library of Knowledge.
A natural triangular pattern may be noticed on Dissolution Quartz where it becomes like melting ice, representing disappearing structure, leaving this world. Such crystals may also be called Hydrothermal Etched, Nirvana quartz.
We can observe the same triangular forms in the opposite dynamic of coming to this earth, regrowing the damaged structure; such crystals are called Self-Healed or The Healers. We may find a tiny triangular layer (right) at the root of the crystal when it was split from the mother matrix and started to heal itself. Personal collection.
 “Now Sarai Abram’s wife bare him no children: and she had an handmaid, an Egyptian, whose name was Hagar.
And Sarai said to Abram, Behold now, the Lord hath restrained me from bearing: I pray thee, go in unto my maid; it may be that I may obtain children by her. And Abram hearkened to the voice of Sarai.
And Sarai Abram’s wife took Hagar, her maid the Egyptian, after Abram had dwelt ten years in the land of Canaan, and gave her to her husband Abram to be his wife.
And he went in unto Hagar, and she conceived: and when she saw that she had conceived, her mistress was despised in her eyes.”
The Holy Bible, Genesis
Анна Каренина, часть вторая, глава 7
— Если вы любите меня, как вы говорите, — прошептала она, — то сделайте, чтоб я была спокойна.
Лицо его просияло.
— Разве вы не знаете, что вы для меня вся жизнь; но спокойствия я не знаю и не могу вам дать. Всего себя, любовь… да. Я не могу думать о вас и о себе отдельно. Вы и я для меня одно. И я не вижу впереди возможности спокойствия ни для себя, ни для вас. Я вижу возможность отчаяния, несчастия… или я вижу возможность счастья, какого счастья!.. Разве оно не возможно? —прибавил он одними губами; но она слышала.
Она все силы ума своего напрягла на то, чтобы сказать то, что должно; но вместо того она остановила на нем свой взгляд, полный любви, и ничего не ответила.
«Вот оно!—с восторгом думал он. —Тогда, когда я уже отчаивался и когда, казалось, не будет конца, — вот оно! Она любит меня. Она признается в этом».
— Так сделайте это для меня, никогда не говорите мне этих слов, и будем добрыми друзьями, —сказала она словами; но совсем другое говорил ее взгляд.
— Друзьями мы не будем, вы это сами знаете. А будем ли мы счастливейшими или несчастнейшими из людей, — это в вашей власти.
Она хотела сказать что-то, но он перебил ее.
— Ведь я прошу одного, прошу права надеяться, мучаться, как теперь; но, если и этого нельзя, велите мне исчезнуть, и я исчезну. Вы не будете видеть меня, если мое присутствие тяжело вам.
— Я не хочу никуда прогонять вас.
— Только не изменяйте ничего. Оставьте всё как есть, — сказал он дрожащим голосом. — Вот ваш муж.

The Law of 3

“The trinity is needed in order to manifest deeper things, greater things… that’s why you need at least 3 people to manifest something.”

“In the 9th dimension, which is the Divine, is the paradox of the Universe where the created is the Creator…”

Matias de Stefano, 2022

“We are just a mirror, the reflection of something that creates everything from behind. We understand the world not just because of our culture but because we are the reflection of some Truth that is behind the realities. We are trying to understand something that is already within us.”

Matias de Stefano, 
Initiation: S4: Ep6, Unifying Body, Soul, and Spirit

“You must learn the law of the three-dimensional world which is based on the law of a spirit and could not exist without it.”

“In the field of geometry, the form of the equilateral triangle is the symbolic image of God in which the recognizer, the recognized and the recognition are one and the same: 1 in 3 and 3 in 1.”

“The matter in our three-dimensional world is built up in cubic form, but hidden within itself it contains the form of the tetrahedron based on divine equilibrium. Matter cannot exist without the divine content.”
“These two tetrahedrons represent the innermost law of recognizable world: the inseparable relationship between the two complementary halves – the positive and the negative – which, self-contained each within the other, form a perfect equilibrium and sit, as creative spirits, on the right hand of divinity. In creation they rule as two opposite laws: the law of spirit and the law of matter.”
“There is one single creature that is able consciously to combine the two laws: man.”
Elisabeth Haich, Initiation, 1965
Triangular Record Keeper on Rutile with Hematite Pseudomorphose After Illmenite, from Mwinilunga, Zambia
Triangular Record Keeper on Sapphire in the middle of the golden ring