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Stratospheric ozone
The layer of Ozone surrounds our Earth in the stratosphere. The optimal height where its natural production is possible ranges around 25 kilometers. We find plenty of oxygen but not enough ultraviolet light lower than this height. The more proximate Earth’s surface, the more intensive life and domestic consumption. There could be a lack of distance and celestial perspective on the relationship level. Ultraviolet light might be seen as a symbol or the metaphysical source of transformative energies. Although there is a lot of UV light in the far distance from Earth but not enough oxygen to react, no possible integration and transformation may happen on the relationship level.
Stratospheric ozone protects life on the Earth by absorbing dangerous ultraviolet light radiating from the cosmos. This mechanism is shown in the formula in the picture of how natural ozone production and destruction splits and combines molecules. Ultraviolet light is dangerous if it is consumed unattentively. This light is beyond our psychic apprehension and not suited for common purposes. It may symbolize higher purposes or higher consciousness. A Twin Flame’s Love myth refers to the highest Celestial Love. It comes from the same source as the highest ideas of freedom. Therefore, Love is experienced by a different capacity to relate, relationship perspective, different functioning, and other purposes of connecting. Such Love comes from “beyond violet” – the invisible Astro source or the Sun.
Stratospheric ozone
Tropospheric ozone
Tropospheric ozone might symbolize our domestic living and processes closest to the Earth’s surface. Such ozone is formed by the interaction of sunlight, particularly ultraviolet light, with hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides emitted by automobile tailpipes and smokestacks. Therefore it pollutes our life on Earth and destroys the protective layer in the atmosphere. Analogous association from a psychological perspective may refer to our dominant emotional needs and expectation from each other, which creates intensive schedules, moves, and consumption of everything everywhere. Nowadays, it is called being productive and effective, which frequently leaves us feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of such life and intoxicated by continuous consumption, but it is the usual form of suffering on Earth.
Lightning is a powerful source of transformation; various ancient religious thoughts saw lightning as having divine powers. It can symbolize our shift in understanding by an insight or even enlightenment. From the metaphysical perspective, it can represent an initiation into the heightened consciousness of a relationship. Lightning causes the natural production of ozone since its electrical spark splits oxygen molecules to form new molecules from twofold to a threefold covalent bond.
After the lightning
Ozone molecule
The ozone molecule gives us incredible insight into the relationship of the three wherein a triple covalent bound oxygen shares their mutual electrons. One provides electrons for two, but the strength of both is unstable and can change from one partner to another. This is a mystery of chemistry in triangular relationships.