“The symbol is not a sign that disguises something generally known – a disguise, that is, for the basic drive or elementary intention. Its meaning resides in the fact that it is an attempt to elucidate, by a more or less apt analogy, something that is still entirely unknown or still in the process of formation.”
C.G.Jung, The Structure of the Unconscious, 1967, 492par.

The great: in fact energy’s Spring.

The myriad beings’ own beginning.

Thereupon primordial heaven.

Clouds moving, rain spreading.

The Kinds of beings diffuse informs.

The great brightening completes the beginning.

In the six positions the season accomplishes.

The season rides six dragons used to drive up to heaven.

Energy’s dao transforming and changing.

Each correcting innate fate.

Protection: uniting with the great’s harmony.

Thereupon Harvesting, Trial.

Heads emerging from the multitude of beings.

The myriad cities conjoining to soothe.

R.Ritsema, S.A.Sabbadini, The Original I CHING Oracle, 2005
 “With symbols one knows only that they are presenting something by analogy, that there is much more here than one can readily grasp consciously, and that there is something deeply hidden and obscure.”
“…symbols are the means by which psychic energy is sublimated because they can mold and channel libido and send it surging into pathways that result in “higher”, i.e. more complex and filled-out, motivations, activities, attitudes, and states of consciousness. Without the symbolic capacity, humans would be much simpler creatures and devoid of mind and culture. […] Symbols reshape matter.”
“The human capacity to receive symbols and to do something with them, for Jung, belongs to the very definition of what it means to be human.”
M.Stein, Soul: Treatment and Recovery, 2016, Symbols as Psychic Transformer

Aleister Crowley “ Thoth Tarot Deck” / Murray Stein about envy

Tarot Card VI – L’Amoureux (The Lover or Lovers) / Elizabeth Haitch about the parting of the ways

Tarot Card 6 – L’Amoureux (The Lover or Lovers) / The master Therion

“…envy is fundamentally based on a person’s frustrated desire for direct access to the fountainhead of value, which in Jungian psychology is known as the Self.
It may seem puzzling at first to conceive of envy as being driven by the ego’s deprivation of and longing for the Self, since both ego and Self are lodged in the same person and make up a single psychological unit.
The only genuine, non-defensive solution to the problem of envy is an improved ego-Self relation, in which the ego feels that it has at least equal access to the Self vis-à-vis ather elements (shadow).”
M.Stein, Soul: Treatment and Recovery, 2016, Envy and Sybling Rivalry
“…His hands are crossed on his breast as if he was shielding himself against an external influence. His eyes are downcast. He avoids suggestive glances which seek to penetrate him. Above his head is a twelve-pointed star and inside it a circle with an angel who, with drawn bow, is about to shoot an arrow at the magician. The twelve points of the star denote the twelve signs of the Zodiac and hence the creative energies which organize the visible world. The young man stands at the parting of the ways with a female figure on either side of the fork.”
Elisabeth Haich, The Wisdom of the Tarot, 1975
The Parting of the Ways
“Each of these symbols is in itself double, so that the meanings form a divergent series, and the integration of the Card can only be regained by repeated marriages, identifications, and some form of Hermaphroditism. […] It is thus shown that this fundamental formula of magical working, analysis and synthesis, persists through the Aeons. […] At the bottom of the whole is the result of the marriage in primitive and pantomorphic form; it is the winged Orphic egg. This egg represents the essence of all that life which comes under this formula of male and female.”
The Master Therion, The Book of Thoth, 1944
“Listen, see, and understand my words; and write them deep in your heart: for what I shall tell you is that which many seek, but few find; and many know and do, but few comprehend; for many see me, but few recognize me. Listen now, and understand if you can, and you will learn all: I am the Hen, or the worst and most ferocious Dragon, and I endure throughout time…”
G.B.Nazari, Three Dreams on the Transmutation of Metals, 1599

Uraga team, a contemporary expression of hidden forces in our Psyche, 2022

Mercurius Script

The Python Mercurius as a three-headed dragon, Germany, c. 1600 CE

Uraga team, a contemporary expression of hidden forces in our Psyche, 2022

“…we have the collective unconscious… something we have never acquired, it is born with us, came into the world with us, born within the brain structure; something which is identical with the structure of the instincts. It has the form of an instinct, the image in which an instinct functions; and we call these “images” archetypes.”
“Psychic processes must have a certain intensity in order to reach consciousness.”
C.G.Jung, Dream Symbols of the Individuation Process
“A man likes to believe that he is the master of his soul. But as long as he is unable to control his moods and emotions, or to be conscious of the myriad secret ways in which unconscious factors insinuate themselves into his arrangements and decisions, he is certainly not his own master. These unconscious factors owe their existence to the autonomy of the archetypes.”
C.G.Jung, Man and His Symbols, 1964
Question: “How may one cultivate deeper awareness of the unconscious?”
Dr Jung: “Don’t cultivate it. The unconscious comes to you. If you are not aware of the unconscious, consider the case as particularly favorable. It is not a particular joy to be aware of the unconscious, because it is a deep sea, you know, and if you are in a safe boat that keeps steady even in a huge swell, then be thankful. One never should seek it. It is much better to let it come to you and then see what you are going to do about it. […]
We have to follow the lead of the unconscious and not the lead of the conscious process.”
From the lecture held on Sep 21, 1936
3 Crowns… an evolution of consciousness
From iron to silver and finally to gold
“united and separate”
“the final result will not be gold alone”
“He was crowned with three costly crowns, one of iron, another of silver, and the third of pure gold. They saw in his right hand a scepter with seven stars, all of which gave a golden splendor, and in his left hand a golden apple, and seated upon it a white dove, with wings partly silvered and partly of a golden hue…”
J.L.Henderson, D.N.Sherwood, Transformation of the Psyche. The Symbolic Alchemy of the Solis Splendor, 2003

S. Trismosin Splendor solis, 16th century. The Hermetic Museum ALCHEMY & MYSTICISM, Alexander Roob. Harley 3469, British Library

The Olives Trees Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh. (Dutch, 1853-1890). The Olive Trees. Saint Rémy, June-July 1889. Oil on
canvas, 28 5/8 x 36" (72.6 x 91.4 cm). Mrs. John Hay Whitney Beques

Our perfume was born in the color of olive green, varying between green and yellowish tints. Deeply explored by Aura-Soma (Vicky Wall) tradition, olive green represents awareness (green) with light and clarity (yellow), our inner guidance and trust in intuition, joy finding our own space, while being able to give the same space for others (Booth, 2006). (Carol McKnight, Mike Booth, The Aura-Soma Sourcebook. Color Therapy for the Soul, 2006)
“In the biblical story of Genesis, it was an olive branch that the dove brought back to Noah, signifying the recession of the flood waters and the restoration of harmony between human and divine. That is the olive – symbol of the quintessence that survives the dissolution of the old forms and renews itself from the roots up.
These who approached the Asclepian sanctuary of healing at Epidaurus came “crowned with the wreath of the pure olive”, signifying transcendence of destructive forces and rebirth.”
“…the final test of faith in relation to the opportunities of our life, and whether we can trust what lies within the depths of ourselves.”
The Book of Symbols, Taschen, 2010

The place of greatest Power is in the man’s Heart