A sweet, intense, daring, haunting, gourmet scent with cinnamon, softwood, and fresh coniferous notes. Created completely from all-natural ingredients, it’s alive; ever-changing and multi-layered. We invite you with our scent to get to know it personally through yourself.
Only after some time did we notice that most of the scent’s ingredients were associated with love. It was a true discovery for us, as the scent was born purely out of intuitive guidance. Even the composition revealed the percentage of the middle (heart) notes’ ingredients in the scent were higher than its base and top notes. With this in mind, it’s worth mentioning the most expressive ingredients through its love aspect, as well as in the scent’s context.
I would like to begin with the rose which, in my opinion, through its unfolding petals above all, symbolically reveals the most of love layers. The whole of those petals is vibrating with unconditional love, however, to feel that wholeness, one needs to experience all love aspects starting with self-love. After learning to accept and love oneself, one gradually fulfills his or her inner void and only then are we able to learn to love another. The rose essential oil that is used in the scent‘s heart note is barely noticeable, yet Rose Otto is a significant scent component to modify, set, combine and smooth its corners. 
The scent’s base is dominated by Tonka beans absolute with its sweet coumarin Venus threads that entangle the rest of the components. The coumarin found in the Tonka beans is not only known for its relaxing nature but also has hypnotizing qualities. Not without a reason: it is said that the Tonka bean helps to attract love, especially for those yearning. Therefore, I dare say, in a way it plays a temptress role. Love is desired to be attracted, meaning that the relationship is going to be with another person or people. It is the right time to ease and liberate one’s spells, and give oneself up to joyful playfulness.
The coniferous Balsamic fir and Tsuga absolutes are drawn into the game next, adding a sweet, crispy, fresh joy that resembles the aroma of Christmas tree needles and that special feeling in anticipation of the Christmas miracle. It can be compared to waiting impatiently for a new love affair to begin.
However, sometimes in such moments of expectation, rather strong emotional feelings can overtake and lavender assists in calming and harmonizing them wonderfully. Lavender absolutely harmoniously modifies the scent, while Guaiak heart with its soft woodiness completes any gaps in the heart note. 
Finally, the scent is crowned with the highest quality Ceylon Cinnamon, which, according to Valerie Ann Worwood, talks about love in all its forms. It touches the hidden realms of the inner self, even where the love is denied and unattainable. So Cinnamon, like roses, invites us to the higher spheres of love bringing into our hearts states of all-accepting love and oneness.
Cinnamon here is like a cherry on the top of the cake, it provides a gourmet tone, completes, and at the same time decorates the scent with its agile, spicy edge.

Our Ingredients