NO.1 24 Oct 2020

50.00 998.00 

Our first birth of O3 is guided by the Celestial invitation of a mutable Grand Cross (Venus, Neptune, Rahu, Ketu), and it leads the way towards our future.

According to Deva Green, the archetype of mutability means there is an inherent ability to adapt to change. The Grand Cross, she notes, reflects the process of aligning with information (Gemini) that is founded in natural laws and truth (Sagittarius), and adjustment (Virgo) of outdated viewpoints and opinions that are not based on universal, timeless principles (Pisces).

The first scent marks here the essential theme of relationships – to acknowledge one’s own needs for the possibility to be ready to see and fully accept the other. Without a core sense of self, there is a threat to lose oneself in family life, domestic tasks, and horizontal energy circulation, especially for such natural givers (like Virgos) who sacrifice themselves to other needs. There could be lots of silent expectations and reproaches to others (Virgo, again) longing to be seen, fulfilled and accepted. Deepest (in 12th house) unconscious need (Moon signs) for freedom as well as a hidden desire for individual expression (in Aquarius) confronts with the need for security (Venus in 4th house), but there is also a help with raw energy impulses (Mars) to explore, initiate and cross any restrictions when needed (in Aries).

We follow the moves of Venus and Neptune – two archetypal planets that teach us about love. They both stand on a mutual Grand Cross between past and future (Rahu, Ketu), elaborating the theme of learning through each other (Sagittarius/Mercury), being master (teacher) and student at the same time. There is a necessity to name and describe things, to get wording in communicating (Mercury) and to share your authentic thoughts and feelings. Emotions are no longer blind, they are integrated (seen and understood) and balanced by a rational mind and the ability to give space for others (Moon in Aquarius).

The scent calls us here to transcend Common Love (Venus) to Celestial Love (Neptune), to seek higher notes of unconditional love and to no longer live in the illusion of being separate. To do this, one needs to transform jealousy and possessiveness (Taurus) fully with Selena, blessing all the deepest relational wounds and secrets (in Scorpio) and embracing universal laws and timeless truths of Creation (Pisces).